Building Affordable Custom Homes

with Adam Juarez

We talk a lot about our custom homes and our process, but it’s important to us that you know who we are, and why we are here, too!

A New Beginning Custom Homes was founded by Adam Juarez, a Las Cruces native who has passion for building and designing affordable custom-built homes. Adam learned about the importance of hard work at a young age. Growing up as the oldest child of four, he always felt the need to set an example for his siblings, hoping that one day they would follow along in his footsteps. With family as his primary source of motivation, Adam was able to build a thriving business and comfortable life for himself, his wife, and their two beautiful children.

A New Beginning founder Adam Juarez at his first home site in Las Cruces

A Background in Home Construction

Adam’s experience in construction began at the early age of 15—he worked as a laborer, installing panels and providing assistance to the building crew. His ability to quickly master new tasks eventually led him to become a foreman, overseeing the construction of multiple projects. The early years spent working in the field gave Adam the motivation to pursue home construction as a lifelong career.

“My early experience in construction gave me a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for hard work,” Adam said. “I now respect my workers even more because I was once one of them. I learned early on the effort that goes into building a home.”

As a foreman, Adam was required to work 12-hour shifts, and although the pay was sustainable, he felt that he was meant for something more. Recognizing the value of his construction background, he chose to return to school and earn a degree to become a draftsman.

“As a foreman, I was able to meet so many new people and learn so many different skills,” Adam said. “But working from sun up to sun down every day was rough and I knew that I wanted to design homes, not just build them.”

After earning his degree, Adam began designing trusses for a local lumber company and quickly realized that he was destined for the job. He recalls one event in which an architect asked him to develop a list of materials needed for a project. To the architect’s surprise, Adam was able to create a detailed inventory in just 15 minutes.

“The task just came naturally to me,” Adam said. “At that moment, everything about my field of work made me feel at home because I knew exactly what I was doing and I understood what the architect was asking of me.”

As time progressed, Adam was promoted to sales specialist for the same lumber company. He excelled in this position and sold $1 million in materials within a single month.

A New Beginning Custom Homes is Born

With a natural talent for home design and sales, Adam decided to create his own custom homebuilding business. In 2017, he founded A New Beginning Custom Homes – a name he chose himself to represent his ambition of helping clients build their dream home.

“When I was thinking of business names, I decided to go with A New Beginning Custom Homes because I figured that starting my own company was something new for me, but building a house was also a new journey for homebuyers too,” Adam said.

Adam built this business with a single goal in mind— to develop luxurious and modern homes that fit within the budgets of his clients. Although this style of home is not typically found in the Southwest, Adam felt confident that his innovative designs would catch the eye of homebuyers, and sure enough, the market for modern, luxurious homes in New Mexico is booming!

Affordable Custom Homes In Las Cruces

“At one point I asked myself ‘why can’t I do this?’” Adam said. “I was told so many times that modern homes wouldn’t sell here in New Mexico, but I’ve always wanted to reinvent the wheel. I also wanted to make sure that my clients felt that they live a lavish lifestyle in one of our custom homes. I feel like people deserve that luxury.”

As A New Beginning Custom Homes continues to grow, Adam’s goal remains the same—to provide quality custom homes for families in the Las Cruces and surrounding areas at an affordable price. His hard work and innovative custom home designs have attracted many new clients over the years, and in 2021, Adam hopes to bring the visions of many more to life.

As you can tell, design, and people, are our passion. Contact us for an appointment and get started on designing your custom home with Adam today!