5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Choosing to build a custom home over purchasing move-in-ready real estate allows you to have more input during the design and construction process. While more control sets you on the right path to developing your dream home, it also comes with more responsibility to ask the right questions of your homebuilder.

Here at A New Beginning Custom Homes, we value communication with our buyers. We strive to endure a relationship with our clients through personalized service to reach customer satisfaction and aim to achieve open communication with each homebuyer about his or her needs and desires for their custom-built home.

In order to ensure that your visionary home is brought to life, we’ve listed five questions that you should ask of your custom homebuilder today.

  1. What do I need before considering building a custom home?

Founder of A New Beginning Custom Homes Adam Juarez suggests providing your homebuilder with a construction loan pre-approval letter from your bank. He states that this is the best way to kick-start a serious conversation about designing and building your custom home.

“Having a pre-approval letter helps us as homebuilders better understand what the homebuyer is qualified for based on the financial information and budget they present,” Adam says.

Construction loans are short-term and only cover the cost of constructing a home for a maximum of one year. Because of this, providing a pre-approval letter can also help your custom homebuilder determine how flexible they can be with the construction timeline.

  1. How long have you been building homes in the area? What are your credentials?

Before diving deep into design options and even floor plans, it’s important to ask this of any potential homebuilder. Choosing a custom homebuilder who is licensed and reputable will make the process of building your dream home a much more enjoyable experience.

Professional homebuilders should at minimum have a solid understanding of property value, zoning, access to resources, and building and energy codes. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about the credentials of your homebuilder.

As founder of A New Beginning Custom Homes with a background including, foreman, draftsman, truss designer, lumber estimator, and salesman, Adam knows the ins and outs of constructing custom homes in Las Cruces.

“Reputation is everything,” he says. “People want to know your track record as a homebuilder. They want to feel confident that you can provide them with their forever home.”

  1. What are my framing and style options?

While most interested homebuyers have a solid idea of what they want in terms of design, it’s equally important to consider the logistics behind framing your custom home. As a buyer, your desires and needs are unique, and it’s important to think about how both will translate into the construction of your dream house.

“Homebuyers usually focus solely on the cosmetics of building a custom home,” Adam says. “But they also need to pay attention to framing. This includes insulation type, square footage, bedroom number, whether you prefer 2 x 4 versus 2 x 6 exterior wall construction, and whether you require handicap accessible entryways. These are just a few important details to mull over with your custom homebuilder before considering design preferences” Adam says.

  1. Can you build a home to fit my lifestyle?

This question should be asked during the first initial meeting with your custom homebuilder.  Determining whether you have a big family or a hobby that requires plenty of space will help your homebuilder better understand what you need in terms of framing and design.

What separates A New Beginning Custom Homes from other builders is our three-stage build-to-suit process to create custom home plans. Our unique approach to home building begins with and focuses on each homebuyer and their individual tastes, ideas, budget, and lifestyle. Our goal is to design and build a new home that complements the uniqueness of each client.

Custom Home Builder - Interior shot of living area in 2190 Pacifico Court

In meeting with us, homebuyers are also provided with a personalized questionnaire based on budget flexibility to help us determine how we can develop a framework that suits their lifestyle.

“We pay attention to detail and quality,” says Adam. “We never take the shortcuts just to save a buck. We make sure to understand the unique characteristics of each homebuyer and we take them into consideration while building their quality custom home.”

  1. How involved will I be throughout the construction process?

Your involvement as a custom homebuyer doesn’t stop once the blueprints are approved. Your homebuilder should be open and transparent with you throughout the construction process and maintain communication when questions or issues arise.

A New Beginning Custom Homes guarantees that you will be as involved with the construction process of your home as we are.

“We ensure open communication with homebuyers every step of the way,” Adam says. “From scheduling walkthroughs to providing assistance with tile samples, cabinet colors and everything in between, it’s important to us that we exceed buyers’ expectations when turning their custom-built dream home into a reality.”

Get started on your custom home in Las Cruces today; contact us for an appointment so we can learn all about your dream home.